Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Cleveland, Ohio

Come on now, who wouldn't want to visit this place? This is probably the coolest looking museum ever...with exhibits like "One hit wonders and the songs that shaped rock and roll" and "the roots of rock and roll" you can follow the history of rock and roll from when it first started to what is predicted to come in the future. Now I know this place may not be for everyone, but you have to appreciate how original this idea is and even though rock and roll may not be my favorite genre of music I can appreciate the music and the exhibits there. And besides the museum I'm sure there are plenty of cool things to do in Cleveland.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Crater Lake- Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

This lake is not just a lake, it is known for its water clarity and because it fills most of a caldera. For those of you who don't know, a caldera is a depression in the ground caused by the explosion or collapse of the center of a volcano and in this case it was Mt. Mazama which collapsed over 7000 years ago. Sounds crazy, right? It is also well known for what is referred to as the Old Man of the Lake which was a tree that floated in the middle of the lake for years though now its only a stump. The amazing thing about it is that the tree floats vertically. The lake originally didn't have any fish in it but from 1888 to 1941 a variety of fish were put in the lake a number of which are now self sustaining. It is a beautiful place to visit and worth seeing even if just for a few moments.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Zern's Farmers Market- Gilbertsville, PA

I love farmers market and live within 30 minutes of at least two. You can find some of the freshest food and hidden treasures there, not to mention spending hours just wandering around and meeting new people. Zern's Farmers market is one of the largest farmers markets in the world (In the top 5 last time I checked). I am one of those people that loves to go to farmers markets and honestly the idea of one that is at least 3-4 times the size of the ones I have been to sounds amazing because I could spend all day just walking around and enjoying myself there with over 300 indoor stores and 100 outdoor stalls (come on now who wouldn't enjoy that on a nice warm spring day?)

Times Square- New York City, NY

Times square is the main hub of activity on the eastern coast and one of my favorite places, but I have never been there on New Years Eve at midnight. I have been in the city at that time and have seen from the hotel room windows blocks away all of the hype, but I would love to be in that crowd celebrating yet another year survived and being one of the thousands that come to this place to welcome in the new year with music, dancing, alcohol, and all to watch the ball drop. I have always loved the city and Times Square seems to encompass the whole feel of that city life. To be there during one of their biggest nights would be something absolutely worth seeing at least once in your life (and if you get a chance stop by Ellen's Stardust Diner at 1650 BROADWAY, CORNER OF 51ST STREET. This place has some amazing Diner food and some REALLY talented singers and is well worth the wait to get in. I have been there 4 times now and have loved the food and staff EVERY time I have gone which is rare for me.)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Freedom Trail- Boston, Massachusetts

So this one appeals to my inner history lover. It is a 2.5 mile long red brick path through Boston with stops at different notable historical locations:
Boston Common
Massachusetts State House
Park Street Church
Granary Burying Ground
King's Chapel
King's Chapel Burying Ground
Benjamin Franklin statue and former site of the first public school, Boston Latin School
Old Corner Bookstore
Old South Meeting House
Old State House
Site of the Boston Massacre
Faneuil Hall
Paul Revere House
Old North Church
Copp's Hill Burying Ground
Bunker Hill Monument
USS Constitution

Most of these are free, but a few require a small price or ask for a donation. I feel as though seeing these monuments to our history and how our country came to be is important and lets face it these monuments won't be around forever.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Alexandria, Indiana-The World's Biggest Ball of Paint

I know it sounds cheesy, but hear me out. Taking part in maintaining and helping a world record grow is an awesome idea to me. This roadside attraction is not just something you go and look at or take pictures of. Apparently you can paint a new layer on the ball yourself and sign a guest book memorializing your contribution to this record breaking object. Weighing at over 1,300 lbs with almost 19,000 layers the ball is something worth seeing and a little off the beaten path so you wont have to deal with crowds or people stepping into your pictures unwanted. The ball is a baseball that has been painted layer after layer over the years started by Michael Carmichael and his son. After painting the ball the Carmichaels take your picture, have you sign their ledger and you receive a certificate commemorating the event. The ball is at 10696 N. 200 W., Alexandria, IN in front of the Carmichael's house where it is displayed roadside in a shed, hanging from a wooden beam.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Centralia, Pennsylvania

For my first post I figured I would pick something close to home. Centralia, Pennsylvania is a ghost town that was abandoned by all but a select few in 1981. The town was a coal mining town for many years, but an accident caused a fire to spread to the tunnels under the town filled with coal. The town has been burning since 1962 and after many attempts to put the fire out, most of which helped the fire spread, the government finally admitted defeat and relocated the residents when a child almost fell into a deadly sinkhole caused by the fire. The town is still burning to this day and according to studies done could continue burning through the next century. In order to get to this place you would have to ignore all the Detour road signs and warnings of toxic emissions (granted I wouldn't stay here for long, but to see something like that is not an opportunity you get every day so I would suggest bringing a gas mask or at the very least something to cover your nose and mouth). From what I have heard, there are places in the town where you can see the smoke rising from the underground fires.