Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ocean City, NJ

I know, I know... NJ beaches am I really going all Jersey Shore? and the answer is NO. First off Ocean City is a dry town so you don't get a lot of those drunken teenagers running around and messing up a perfectly good vacation with their idiocy (as you can probably tell I am not a fan of the reputation that Jersey Shore gives to New Jersey's more permanent residents). Its a really big family vacation spot and I personally love going there. In a matter of fact my family will be spending the fourth of July there as my husband and I both have off work! (can you tell it is one of my favorite places?). They have an awesome boardwalk (yeah, I said awesome...)with plenty to do for all ages from a small amusement park with rides to a movie theater and my family's favorite pizza shop (Three brothers from Italy Pizza) which is a very small pizza place but well worth it since the slices are HUGE as well as delicious and they have an ongoing pie eating contest and post the winners pics on the walls; my daughter loves to look at all of the pictures while we eat. They also have numerous mini golf places, a mini mall, an arcade, and one of our favorite bookstores (Atlantic Books) which I know, books are so outdated but in my family a kindle can't replace the feel of turning the pages on a really good book. They have tons of events for everyone. I have been to their parades, car shows, and on the fourth they will be having a kite flying contest that I would love to see and maybe enter with my daughter as well as fireworks. Yes, I know you need beach tags to get on this beach but I feel like it is actually worth it because of how well kept this beach is. It isn't that expensive and you don't have to deal with the drunken idiots that you see on many of the other beaches and the beach is kept very clean. It truly is a family spot that I remember going to as I grew up and would love my kids to remember it the same way. Though it may be crowded some days, I find it to be worth it because it is always a great experience going there- showing my children how they make fudge while you watch in one shop and watching my daughter beg my husband for the millionth time for a hermit crab just because she loves the shell colors and watching my children make a total mess with all of the ice cream, but I love seeing the enormous smiles they have by the end of the day. I know this place may not have all the appeal for those who don't have a family or who are more interested in the "night life" at other locations, but for me this place is one that will forever hold a spot in my heart as I grew up going there most summers with my Dad and then with my friends and now with my children. It is worth checking out if you are looking for a family getaway.

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